News ID: 6233
Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 11:09
I came to see you every day. I sat beside you. We talked to each other. I wished you emphasized me if you had any complaint but it seemed as if you had no complaint. And I wanted to hear your words.
I was worried when you talked about your wishes about martyrdom. I accepted the martyrdom but it was so hard to apart you. And even I didn’t want to hear about the parting. But I bore it.
And that day as usual I had come to see you. I have brought you a small cup of tea, because, the Doctors didn’t let you to drink every thing so much. And you told me:”? My sister! Sit beside me, what do want to do after my martyrdom.”?
I said:”? dear Abbas! Would you please don’t talk about this subject today.”?
And he laughed and seriously replied:”? this is my wish! I don’t want to die. I want to be martyred. When I am martyred I want you not to cry for me. I don’t need your weeping. When you want to cry have a look at yourself; if you are one of the followers of the holy Zahra (PBUH) and Zeinab the Great. Then you are gracious and if not so then cry for yourself, because at that time you need to cry for yourself.”?
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