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Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 11:05
At the day my father left I was lull my doll on my feet. And my mother was worried like as any other women who saw off her husband to the front, but we all are obliged to help Islam. Father was so firm. But my mother used a stick to walk. Her leg was wounded, and she under the pretext of her wounded leg wanted to discourage him from leaving to the front. And my father also was living with us but he always thought about the front. He fasted on Mondays and Thursdays. It was Thursday, and my mother had fasted that day too. My father went out and brought some barbecue and bread to delight me and then he played with me he spoon-fed me and he was kidded around and acted in a way that wanted to make me happy when he was leaving. Mother hid her tears. And father said: this time I will be back sooner that before and he was serious when he said: when one’s heart is pure so many things can be inspired to him. Later I got that he had dreamed some thing about his future. He was right. He had got back soon. How long does it take from 5th February till 11th February? He left home on 5th February 1986 and got back on 11th February 1986, and flied to the Heavens.
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