News ID: 6225
Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 10:51
Shirzad loved me and his mother so much. He always lived with us and never left us to go some where. But since he loved Imam and the revolution too, when he felt that he can help in the field then decidedly he got prepared to go there. It was winter. I told him that: this is not a suitable season. It is better if you go any other time. And undoubtedly he replied: dear father! Leaving for the front is an obligation at this time, and surely it is not related to any season. He convinced me and left. His braveness was wonderful. Never did I see him to be scared of anything. And he always whispered these verses: those asleep are not aware of those awake- a friend indeed is a friend in need- the fish are living in the see for ever and asking each other where the see is.
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