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Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 10:50
I heard about the martyrdom of my husband on the media being broadcasted from Mazandaran County at 5p.m on 1983. Muhammad Ali was a brave, kind and a real believer. Before the war when an extreme flood covered the Ahvaz, he went to help them, and saved so many people there. When the war started I beheld how he helped the people in Hamidiyeh, Ahvaz. He always said: Zahra! My tears and I leave to let the Islam remain. Whenever he came to Gorgan or Shahrood, he let me know about the martyrdom of those whom I knew them. Once he was on leave he gave me the list of those who were martyred. I cried a lot. And he said: Zahra! You should be prepared; maybe one day they put my name here after these”?. Just, 11 days after that when he was carrying the ammunition was martyred during an air strike. After his martyrdom, all the family gathered together annually, and held a ceremony. On one of the years which the meat was rarely found and was rationed, we went every where but couldn’t find enough meat. Suddenly, an idea struck me to make legume-rice without meat, or to extend the date of the ceremony. And as I couldn’t hold a simple ceremony I was worried. I slept while I was so worried, and I dreamed my husband and he said:”? Zahra, don’t be worried at all, invite all of them and start your ceremony everything will be OK tomorrow”?. Early in the morning some one knocked at the door, I opened the door. He was a stranger; he gave me a haunch and said:”? take this and hold your ceremony”?. I wanted to ask him about its price but he went away.
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