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Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 09:25
Martyr Abolfazel velayati was one of the lovers of Imam and the revolution. Before the revolution he was a member of the crusaders and had endured so many difficulties. In 1979, when I wanted to leave for Mashhad for Military service I told my brother Abolfazel I will leave with you a valuable thing for safekeeping.
That was some 200 pages of the pious and Muslim writers. When I left for the military service he sent me a letter saying that he had released them between the youth to clarify them. The King’s followers had hit the Uncle of the martyr in that City Bathroom but he hadn’t given up his crusade. This great martyr for a period was Mr. Raja’ee’ S titular Guard. Before January 1982, went to Shiacooh Front. He accompanied by some of his comrades attacked the heart of the enemies settlement. They killed some and were martyred there.
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