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Publish Date: 01 August 2006 - 16:51
We had one week time for expedition. Our father was objecting. I asked him so much but at last failed. When I despaired I wanted my brother to forget the front; and I failed again. As much as father objected leaving for the front my brother insisted on going. I couldn’t guess what’ll happen at last. And the last thing I could recourse to, was the Pray. As we approached the agreed moment, I felt much more anxiety and agitation.

At last, that lasting day arrived. I woke up early in the morning; my brother was not in his bed. I thought he had left us for ever. But it was not so! The door was opened and my brother entered the yard gently. Calmly, explained that he had taken his bag to be ready for expedition. It was about 8 O’clock. He dressed and passed the father’s room slouching not to be seen. Up tightly, I watched his leaving. Suddenly, I felt a shade over my head, he was my father holding the Holly Koran was standing behind me. And he saw off my brother holding water, mirror and Koran in his hand.

It seemed as if the father had got that his son won’t be back again. My brother had a look at the water and went away. Some time later, it was announced that he had flied to the heavens. And my mother carefully, started preparing his winding sheet, and dispensed some cookies and said:”? since you have gained what you wished then I won’t cry.”? Our mother winded the winding sheet all around his 17 years old son.

Then the kind shoulders of the citizens saw him off to his ever resting place. And the sing of the drizzle on 4th April 1984, in the evening cleared me all about the midnight wakefulness.
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