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Publish Date: 01 August 2006 - 16:26
My father was badly sick. We all despaired. Even his Doctor was hopeless. That night, we were all sitting by the bed of our father. And it was so tough. All thought that was the last time he was our guest at home.

Mahdi was sitting at a corner of the house and was whispering some thing. And at the midnight all left one by one and almost no one was sitting by him, just me and my father. And I gradually slept by him. At the midnight, a crying voice awakened me and gradually I woke up and sat. And I had a look at the face of my father he calmly sleeping, it means he was not crying but the praying voice was familiar. Quietly, I went towards the voice.

At the dark corner of one of the rooms, I saw the strong figure of Mahdi whispering some verses while saying his prayers, and was blubbering. And the euphony of his voice blessing enchanted me. At the midnight the glow of his pure tears was eyeful. I was watching him, watching a see brimful of love and affection. I had heard before that Mahdi says his midnight prayers but I hadn’t seen how he did it.

-Oh! My God I beg you to treat all the ill, and specially…
-When he was saying these verses including the name of the father, unconsciously, I started to cry and the tears flew down my jowls. He was standing and blessing the father… and that night was so beautiful for me. Mahdi was crying in secret, and I was crying not to be seen by him. Hearing the morning prayers calling I woke up my father was not in his bed. As I wanted to move that I noticed his heartwarming voice. At one corner, he had fallen prostrate and was crying. I approached him.
-And I told him: you should not move.
He looked up gently and after ending his prayers faced me and said calmly:
-After a lapse tonight I could say my prayers standing…
-“You should not move”?, I said.
-while left perplexed, he said: “You don’t say”?,”? I can stand straight…it was refulgent here last night…”?
-And once again continued his prayers. I was surprised. I left him alone. I left the room to perform my allusions; Mahdi was sitting by the pool. The reflection of his face and the moon in the water was eyeful. He has been awake since last night. The father was busy saying his prayers in the room, and Mahdi was staring into the water watching the moon while tearing. That night the tears of Mahdi cured the father. The physical examination could answer everything. No symptom of any illness!!
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