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Publish Date: 01 August 2006 - 16:10
They called Mr. Hossein Arab Ameri as Akhavi Arab. All the buddies were close-knit with him and loved him so much. On 1984, we were active in Majnoon Island. The army was to deliver us a southern front line across from the Factory. <Akhavi> was the commander of the Karbala battalion of Shahrood. And I was the commander of the second Company. I went to see my brother along with two other called Seyed Mahmoud and Farhad Nazari. Hossein told us that before planting the forces, the reconnaissance of the defense area is important, and then we should transfer the forces at night.

We departed on two motorcycles to see the Army forces to get the enough information. On the way we heard the gunfire. It was impossible for the Army forces to mistake us with the Iraqi forces. In a moment, I felt that my brother has been wounded. Brother Nazari who was on the pillion said: Brother! Grasp! And I felt he too felt down.

It was impossible for three of my comrades to be wounded at the same time. And after covering some distance I pulled over beside a hill and got back. Those three had entrenched behind a bulkhead. My brother yelled: Mac! Run the Iraqis captured you. I had a look back and saw some Iraqis who were not farther than 20 meters are running towards me.

It was so vulnerable moment. I told my brother: Seyed Mahmoud and you are better to head our forces and Nazari and I will be back when it grew darker getting the motorcycles. Nazari Said you are two brothers and it is better to stay, and Seyed Mahmoud and I will go to return the motorcycles one by one. And my brother replied: the riders are responsible for them. My brother and I were responsible for them so that we ourselves will go to return them. He read the verse called<<waja’alna>> and we moved forward. And after that verse it seemed as if the Iraqis are blind.

When we started them and rode them about half a Kilometer the Iraqis just started to shot and turned the road into a maelstrom. We reached our forces. Army comrades said that when we were passing by there they had called us for several times, but we hadn’t noticed them, and instead moved forward and we thought all you three will be captured by the enemies. They added: they had retired, as ordered by the commander. Moreover, Brother Hossein Saberi, too, had related some memories about martyr Hossein Arab Ameri, he has written as this: << for some time my sister lived in Ahwaz.

One day, martyr Arab Ameri called me and said: Take this one day pass, and go into the city. That day I stayed at my sister’s house until the evening, and when I was back I notice the comrades had packed the equipment and are getting on the trucks.>> martyr Arab Ameri said to me: put on your war clothes and wend. And I took the Wireless and got on the back of the Commander’s car. Some said that we would have an Operation that night and some others said that they were taking us to the front defense line. The Comrades objected and said that they were not there to defend but for attack and military actions, the forces were settled in an area. It was a vast desert.

So many battalions had gathered together. After the evening and night Prayers, the Commander of Imam Reza brigade21 lectured and at the end mentioned that: “You are the true followers of the commander in chief. If they order to attack we will move on and if they ask us to retreat then we will retire and even if they order us to go home we will surely do it. Now you should all respect the words of the Holly Great leader of the Islamic revolution and get back home. All the comrades were crying. And two days later all were on leave. The Valfajer 8 operation initiated one month after that. The commander of the Karbala battalion martyr Hossein Arab Ameri and his forces were the apostles of this operation. At about 3 o’clock in the morning Akhavi Arab left for Heavens.
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