News ID: 6202
Publish Date: 01 August 2006 - 15:54
I got acquainted with Abdullah in hospital. I had lost one leg and his hand had been injured and both of us were waiting to take doctors’ permission and come back to military place. In short, I released from hospital and I took my artificial leg and with Abdullah was sent to front.
He had a beautiful ring in his finger. I liked it. Many times I asked him to give it to me as a souvenir, but he didn’t give me.
At fronts’ nights he always was praying and bill until in the middle of night.
I had a 10-day furlough, so I went to Abdullah to say good-bye to him. He asked me that I go to him at 6 o’clock.
At night he gave me the ring and said: “take this ring as a souvenir.
I said: “what happened that you were contented that you give your ring to me?
He said: “I am going to island and feel that I never come back. Take care! This ring is a souvenir.”? I was laughing and said good-bye to him and I went on leave. After 5 days my cousin from Revolutionary Guards ringed me and said: “what news have you got from Abdullah?
I remembered Abdullah speaking, said joking: “Abdullah never comes back.”?
He thought that I heard the news, said: “do you know the news also?”?
I said: “which news? He said: “Abdullah martyrdom.”?
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