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Publish Date: 01 August 2006 - 12:19
I wanted to go on leave, but I hadn’t a suitable clothe. I went to KAZEM and asked him to lend me his clothe for going on leave
KAZEM said: “I need it myself, because I am supposed to go on leave too.”?
KAZEM came to me tomorrow morning, when as arranged his clothe for giving to me.
I said: “what happened? Don’t you go on leave?
He said: “no.”?
I was going on leave at noon of the same day. I went to KAZEM to say good-bye to him. He was praying .I waited until his praying would be finished. Then I said: “I am going on leave, don’t you something for doing?
He said: “I don’t have special doing, welcomed. Just give my greetings to my family and give this watch and engaging ring to my wife.”?
I said: “for what?”?
He said: “I saw one man with a green and brilliant clothe in my dream last nigh, that he took me to a green garden riding his horse. And said: “KAZEM watch this garden. Here is your place, not that inconstant world.”?
When I listened his speaking, I cried and didn’t take watch and ring, and embraced him and said goodbye to him.
A few days of my leaving passed. I was nervous. When I went out, one of KAZEMS’ friends informed me that KAZEM has been martyred, although he brought me his watch and engaging ring.
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