News ID: 6196
Publish Date: 01 August 2006 - 10:50
The martyr Hosseinian was a lover. We were talking about the war front lines and the martyr in Darkhavian town. He described his dream and asked us not to quote for anybody till he is alive. He told: “I visited Imam in my dream. Then I entered to the saloon. We all were happy and excited and our Imam was coming forward gradually and putting his hands on some person’s shoulder and telling them you would be martyred. I feel that I will be martyred in this operation.”?
At night of the operation, while everybody attacked the enemies and was running I saw seyed Asadollah who was encouraging the guys to advance more, while he was running, he perfumed the guys with his scent-bottle and crying out “Allah O Akbar”? (God is great). We had reached the minefield of the enemies and the first front lines. He was telling regularly: “keep your mind, on the mine field and leave from the left hand. “ It was his last words. He martyred and his holy body reminded in that area and he was lost.
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