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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 07:02
Soon they moved us from Naserieh to Alamareh. It was one o'clock in the afternoon and prayer time. I had a strange feeling. I said I want to say, "Call for prayer". Some of my comrades prevented me to not doing such thing and said, "Don’t say call for prayer here". Iraqis kill you with these wounded hand and foot.
But I called for prayer and they didn’t show any reactions!

Our destination was Baghdad hospital. Several days I was bed ridden, I noticed that an Iraqi soldier bothered our wounded comrades badly. Nevertheless, I told him, "Don’t bother these innocent injured people ".
With a special pride circled his eyes and said, "Be quiet!"

I said, "Aren't you Muslim and didn’t say prophet that do good to prisoners of war? So why you bother these innocent people?"
He hinted me to be quiet.
Since I knew he performs actions sports and he is interested in these types of sports, I challenged him to campaign.
He said, "I was trained Karate in china. Then you are sick you want to campaign?"
With my persistence, eventually prepared to campaign and after several actions movement, finally he was defeated and left the place. He did not believe that in a face-to-face campaign tastes the defeat from a sick person!
After that, he respected comrades and other Iraqi soldiers observed our wounded comrades.
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