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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 07:01
… A play performed in barracks. The program was in a way that it was due that make barracks officials face black and in cast of theater perform the program. By announcing code by Majid Manouchehri the program started, I as barracks keeper suddenly witnessed the rapidly dispersing of comrades. Everybody did a responsibility. The scene was like shooting to a herd of deer that how each escapes to a side. Voice went out, an Iraqi came and called; "wan Aba Jamali, wan Samer". Abas Jamali was barracks responsible and Samer was translator of the barrack, but their faces were black and in a place far from water and could not in front of Iraqi soldier reach to water. Our comrades told the soldier that they are sick and slept, and ended the premise.
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