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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 07:00
Second year that nearly after fifteen months they moved us to Anbar camp that is located in that very Ramadieh camp. I think near Bahman 22nd a great number of us weren’t in that camp but our dear comrades had various programs such as sing songs (of course that year pen and paper were forbidden but our comrades used over paper of cigarette packs and their inside papers to write and also used the cement pockets that they could find in the camp. They wetted it slightly and separated it layer-layer, each part of cement pocket divided to several paper and they used them for writing). Therefore, they had a song and then everybody that had every memory of these days and everybody that had remembered a holy expression of Excellency Imam offered it. Regarding different matters based on their abilities raced with each other. More important that in these days many gifts were given to those that in the camp in any way served our comrades. These gifts were usually their clothes that either they had a new clothe or tore the clothes and sew it newly, or by cloth they sewed sack and embroidering with flower designs and gave them as gift. Any way one of the programs that were performed in Bahman 22nd was this that to all those people that in any form and way that served in the camp considerable gifts was given. These gifts were in the way that some they did not wear their clothes and kept them new. It can be over clothes or under clothes, shoes or socks even they need them they put them aside with some they knitted shoes (cotton shoes) perhaps from several months ago. There was not also any thread, they tore their clothes for example their under shirts, changed it to thread. Then they swung the thread and knitted cotton shoes and/or tore their socks and made it as cotton shoes. In any way they tore clothe and sewed the old slippers by many layer clothes and made it top part of the old slippers. That they became strong and delicate and in any case, perhaps these gifts in those days had very good effects in lifting spirits.

They arranged comedy programs, theater and play and despite short of possibilities with soap bars, drew holy picture of Excellency Imam on black blanket and folded it for nothing be clear then brought it to a part of barrack (that Iraqi soldier couldn’t see it from outside) and installed it. After that, they had parade program in front of Excellency Imam's picture. Our comrades' clergymen usually came and stood, holy picture of Excellency Imam was there too, they parade for Bahman 22nd.
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