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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:58
Winter insisted to stay in Mosel as much as possible, at nights around heaters in barracks the cooks for making orange skin jam, milk and … were gathering. Iraqis attempts to establish television by the new form and our campaign too gradually arose. At one of Esfand's (March) nights, Iraqis from behind the window ordered the barrack's chief that tonight the television must be on, an interesting film broadcasts for you. That night a very terrible film or better say an awful theater was broadcast. The film's actors were the prisoners that attached to the enemy and became spies. In other part of this program, a platform was shown that another group was performing music and dance. after playing this film Iraqis announced that we want to build a platform in the camp for performance and your actors could write scenario and play theaters here and if the work was interesting like this one will broadcast from television! This word and the played theater irritated our comrades' anger. In the played theater, our officials and beliefs were insulted. Our comrades over many telephone calls had informed Mr. Askari and barrack's officials that they do not let them make a platform and they will destroy it. Mr. Askari had said this matter to camp's officer. He said commander, "if don’t pay attention to this problem I wasn’t accept any responsibility toward my comrade's movement. These discussions continued for a long time and Iraqis insisted on platform building. The work of building platform started and opposition arose. Mr. Askari alarmed the Iraqi officer many times that the results of this work is terrible. In his last warning he has said that," he wont prevent any movements and consequences would be the responsible of camp's officer. With due attention to United Nations Expeditions and fore coming of Red Cross to the camp, Iraqis also did not want a quarrel begins in the camp. Thus on Esfand 14 1363 (March 6 1984) Iraqi officer agreed to destroy the platform, in fact, with a withdrawal announced his plan's defeat. That day our comrades with a special enthusiasm by shovel and ax worked on the platform and destroyed it, all of comrades participated in destroying this platform happily. One of the prisoners, that he was from Tehran, to the reason of wet and slippery ground slipped and with a cement block in his hand fell and one of his fingers cut off. When the Iraqi soldier looked at his bloody hand and cut off finger amazingly, that comrade with a smile said, "sacrifice to Islam and …" this added to his amazing. It was never understandable for a soldier that because of fearing to go front, washed his commander clothes and hours worked as guard instead of others that how a young prisoner loses an organ of his body and thanks God for it.

That day our comrades had feast as a big victory over enemy. In addition, to all camp especially to camp's secret officials proved that in prison environment also like battlefield you can defeat the enemy, and here the enemy power is weak. This was our first big experience against enemy also perhaps the enemy's first big withdrawal also happened in this form and we for thanksgiving to this big victory put our head on ground and said a thanksgiving prayer. This good behave during being in captivity in each successful quarrel against enemy was performed.
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