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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:57
Tuesday 29th of Esfand (19, March), was the last day of that year and by our not so exact calculations that day's afternoon year was ended and seemingly the time of changing year for performing any program even though brief was not appropriate. Almost in all barracks, ceremonies to our ability and facilities were prepared. Also in barracks thirteen for end of year and beginning of New Year, we had program. All the comrades washed their white long clothes after afternoon's roll call they wore them, several minutes before New Year Mr. Fakhlaie with a beautiful voice recited Quran, the barrack was completely quiet and all were sitting face to Kiblah. After starting New Year the comrades congratulated each other and hugged, the wish for victory and honor and return to hometown's people was a wish that in time of hugging exchanged. Mr. Fakhlaie spoke for several minutes and then the interesting part of program namely serving was started. The hard working comrades of barracks from times ago stored some sweet and sugar, that day sweet got ready and distributed among comrades. This ceremony with all smallness had so enjoy and interesting that brought out a human mind from the material world to spiritual. Noble freethinkers in prison by keeping their own special-spirit held the New Year ceremony in this way. And after that a lot of our comrades said tow part prayer for victory and salvation of Moslems.
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