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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:56
In camp we talked about the way of holding Nowrouz Eid feast and at the first Nowrouz in prison for the reason of lack of space and the barriers and difficulties that were created by Iraqis, we couldn’t do anything. In a small space, we, one hundred and eighty five prison of war, were living and thus, for sleeping and sitting twenty people had to stay up.

In second Nowrouz of prison period, we got informed the time of beginning of New Year by calendar, that gave us bonus (coupon) and with it we bought sugar and with flour, we made cakes and enjoyed it. That year we arranged a brief Haft Sunnis (seven Sunnis). I remembered that those comrades of us that Iraqis took them to work outside of camp in return they brought some wild fruit (mountain ash) and on Haft Sunnis table cover. In addition to Samoun (machining Arabic bread), we had senjed. In the meantime, on that day tow brothers that they were not on speaking terms with each other we made them friends again.

But one of my bitterest memories of prison of war period happened at the same day, because on of Iraqi soldiers "maajun" upon a false pretext he slammed such hard on my face that my ear because of bleeding and its tympanum tore. When I referred to dispensary they said, "You are the third person that your ear's tympanum has been torn by maajun!"

In the last Nowrouz of our prison period namely 1990, before ending year Iraqi forces gathered all of us and said nobody has the right to go to other barracks and you must only stay in your barracks, and they mentioned that the breaker of this law would be punished badly.

In that year, three thousand and eight hundred prisoners were in our camp. When New Year begun, with due attention to sever security in the camp, some of prisoners went to other barracks in secret but Iraqis found out and according to the law that they performed in the camp took off all the clothes of our comrades and started to torture them. They moved the prisoners in dirt, mud, and sewage, slashed them by cable, and ordered the other prisoners to watch those scenes. In that day I was in that place of cruel and criminal scene, that one of Iraqi soldiers with cable beat me, beat my head, and face that still their traces are on my face.
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