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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:55
Since in prison of war I wanted to use my free time in a best way, I could not find anything better than Quran to spend my time with it, and because holy Quran is most valuable thing and most precious, by memorizing it, I wanted to increase my price before God.

From the first months of my first prison year, I started to memorize Quran but each time because of quarrel and struggles among comrades and Iraqis for sometimes and sometimes near six months, I could not continue memorizing Quran. but so far I could memorize it twice subsequently that first time it took five months and second time about five or six months that in all by a compact year period, it took tow years to recite memory whole Quran. For memorizing, I did not have a special method, because nobody directed me in this area, but with God's help after passing basic barriers and impediments eventually in memorizing last parts I succeeded to innovative a method that unfortunately I memorized a small part of Quran by that method.

The released comrades in camps tried hard to translate Quran and Nahjolbalagheh and memorize Quran and in my opinion, the reason was this that nothing except these met their needs and these were spirit feeders of released comrades.
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