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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:52
During our detention, for the reason of being out of country and home and lack of enough and accurate information of war situation, we decided that by paying any price achieve a radio and finally one of our comrade at a proper time with entire elaborate succeeded to get a radio from Iraqi security guards' room.

The news of finding radio was very joyful and we felt very happy. After consultations with other comrades, it was decided that one becomes responsible for the radio, by covering blanket over his head listens to the radio in secret and takes note of important topics to give them to other comrades.

Times past and we listened and wrote the important points news of Iran and passed it hand to hand among our comrades till the battery power finished. But since preparing battery was very hard and difficult, so we sought of making battery. For this reason, most of our comrades offered various designs and ideas.
Many days and nights, we examined our comrades' suggestions but each time we arrived at a barrier, till eventually after three years hardworking, we could make a type of battery and achieving such success was very joyful to us.

This battery in 24 hours supplied one-hour power for the radio and this time was enough for writing Iranian radio news. We made the battery out of coil, pomegranate peel that we brought from enemy's soldiers wastebaskets after while converted to acid and some coils that we put them into a plastic can by adding the cigarette case paper, we increased these innovative batteries' power.

After making battery, in addition to Iranian news we received all the Tehran's Friday prayer congressional speeches, martyr Motahari's speeches, martyr Dastgheib and Ayatollah Javadi Amole's interpreting of sura Baghareh and took notes and wrote them in notebooks that were useful for all, and in turn distributed them among comrades.
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