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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:47
Mashaal has recommended kebab. First, we refused but it was no choice. On one hand, we knew if we put in action this request, other recommendations from other Iraqi soldiers and guards will arrive.

However, we decided to give such kebab to Excellency Mashaal that neither he nor others desire to eat kebab from prisoners' meat share. For preparing this plan, first we had to make necessary coordination with kitchen official; therefore, we went to Mr. Jamshidi and got permission then started to prepare Excellency Mashaal,s requesting kebab. We well grinded the meat then added it permitted, unpermitted ingredients like washing powder and chimney smoke, and…we cooked the kebab.

Excellency Mashaal came after an hour and ordered to serve food and we brought the kebab. He moved his eyes up and down and took a kebab skewer to eat but suddenly stopped and called me near and said; first, you eat.

I that completely surprised said no never! This is all prisoners share and I'm not ready to do such big sin.

But our logic was ineffective and Excellency Mashaal's compulsion and force overcame. Then I helplessly ate some of that kebab that if someday put it in front of me I couldn’t tolerate its smell. I had a stomachache and very bad condition and continuously vomiting and if it weren’t good prayer of my comrades and God's grateful, in fact, I would die. But praise to God after an hour I became better and gradually found my healthy.

I kept myself busy to come out and forget about the thing that I ate, that suddenly I saw Mashaal that in badly walking and with an angry face and a hand on stomach appeared in front of kitchen door and started to cry and abusiveness that you made me sick! What was the awful thing that you gave me? In answering, I continually denied and gave reason that I myself ate of that kebab then why did not I became sick or as you say poisoned?

Mashaal who saw my appearance and usual condition, didn’t say anything and went away, and by helping and cooperation of camp's Iraqi doctor rescued but later seemingly figured out and sometimes and somewhere has expressed this matter.
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