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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:47
One day, Ramadieh camp one officer in order to inquire achieve our comrades complete specifications entered camp and began to question until my turn came.

My name is Sayed Mostafa and my comrades in camp call me "Sayed". Iraqis heard an Arabic word for calling an Iranian; they got angry and showed sensitivity!
That day Iraqi officer asked me; your name?
Sayed Mostafa, I said.

He wrote in the form paper "Mostafa". Then asked my father's name; "Sayed Mohammad Ali" I said.
But he wrote "Mohammad Ali". Then asked; your grandfather name?
Sayed Ebrahim, I said.
Again he omitted the word Sayed and wrote "Ebrahim" and asked; your surname?
I smiled and said; Sayed Zadeh.
Iraqi officer amazingly looked at me and wrote in the paper "Zadeh".

I laughed and he angrily said; what is that you always say Sayed, Sayed! Are you kidding me? Do you joke on me? Now I show you to understand that making fun on an Iraqi officer has what terrible result!
At this time that I saw the situation very bad, immediately I called Sayed Omran, one of camp soldiers and guards and explained the matter. Sayed Omran tried to explain the matter to Iraqi officer but he did not accept and ordered my punishment and torture angrily and resentfully.
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