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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:45
It was long that camp commander ordered that when he entered the camp and passed in front of prisoners they must stand up and with hit foot on ground and salute, respect him.

Since doing so was difficult for us, in any possible way we changed our path to not be exposed to his eyesight. Iraqi commander that defeated in this plot issued another order that we must stand up by Iraqi soldiers whistle for passing the commander in front of us and we salute necessary respect.

At the commander arriving to camp several days in this manner Iraqi soldiers whistled and we stood and reluctantly by striking foot on ground saluted until a plan came to our mind.

With previous programming, one day one of prisoners stood near a hole filled with mud and slime. The soldiers whistled for salute, the rest of prisoners also stood near to mentioned prisoner. Commander passed in front of prisoners one by one and reviewed them until arriving to the hole. The prisoner that stood there for saluting hit his foot strongly on ground and all the mud separated around and a part of it on commander's pants, head, and face.

Iraqi commander that was very angry and resentful, said this has been based on a plot and in spite of mentioned prisoner's denying that hasn’t been any intention, ordered to torture and prison that comrade. We sent the camp official as protest to commander and delivered a message that since mentioned prisoner behaved based on order, therefore, he is innocent and we intimidated that if you do not release him. This adventure's later consequence responsibility will be on you. Camp commander at the result of our intimidations released that prisoner and to Iraqi officers said that prisoner does not dare to behave so intentionally.

After that an article as follow attached to ordered letter; "if at commander arriving time to the camp a prisoner stood near mud, slime, swamp, dirt hill, and the like, he is exempted from hitting foot on ground. Breakers of this article will be persuaded by law and punished badly.
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