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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:45
One day in barrack 8 Ghatea 2 Ramadieh 2, at roll calling time we were sitting in five-people-column, Iraqis with wood and rubber pipe entered and after some standing up and sitting dawn bothering they started to roll call.
From beginning that they counted, they slashed the people near to them. One of our comrades, who was very respectful and was relatively heavy called Ebrahimi, was in fourth column. Iraqi soldier as was counting one, tow, three, when he arrived to fourth people namely Mr. Ebrahimi since he was to some extent heavier, he enjoyed his heavy body and slashed the rubber pipe stronger than before on his shoulder and said four; rest of Iraqis laughing and the rubber pipe sound encouraged the mentioned Iraqi soldier to do this. And he repeated this several times and every time that rubber pipe slashed Mr. Ebrahimi,s tired body he said four.

Since this kind of punishment, like sweet and candy in wedding ceremony, was routine and usual, all our comrades even Mr. Ebrahimi himself were laughing at this and after that for a long time his name also Iraqi became "Arbaa"(four).
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