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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:44
I spent the first night in barrack 1. morning that Iraqis rolled and went out of barracks, as usual all gathered at the barracks door and waited for at ease whistle that I was among them. One of comrades in barrack 1 that probably was barracks official, his family was "Azad"(At ease). Iraqis were still roll calling the other barracks that one of them from their room near to barrack 1 called the barrack official and with his special accent loudly called; Azad! (At ease).

I who did not understand what he means by this word, I rapidly ran to bathroom. Since nobody was there, I did all things very soon and went to bathroom to have a shower, suddenly I saw that Iraqi soldier known as "Jasem Qoleh" with a rubber pipe in his hand came toward me with anger and hurriedly cried "Abulhoush shishoui hana?" started to cry and loud speaking why without permission and before whistle you came out?

I expressed of not being aware and said you yourself announced "Azad", and I was in front of all then ran and took turn. Then translator explained about Azad meaning. Jasem Qoleh who knew I am a new comer to barrack1 and I don’t know anybody while he was laughing with the rubber pipe and relatively hard slash beat my shoulder and said fast; "go Azad!"
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