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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:08
Our small radio's battery finished and we were deprived of listening to news and gradually our spirit's battery finished, too, that an interesting thing happened. One of our comrades with a special skill made beautiful things with the can cap, oilcan, and glass. One of the Iraqi soldiers that liked interest and skill of this comrade asked him to make one of these for him.

Our comrade took advantage, made use of situation, and said if you want me to make it for you, you must bring several batteries and by using their carbon, I make the thing that you want. The soldier that was interested in his handicrafts brought the batteries. Our comrades who were very happy and restless immediately put the batteries in the radio and turned it on but they did not hear any voice, we were afraid and thought that maybe the radio has been out of order. But, no, praise to God, radio was OK, only the Iraqi soldier gave us the empty and used batteries. We said the story to our comrade whom made the decorating things. He replied; don’t worry I do a task that the soldier himself changes the batteries.

After a while, he came and brought eight new batteries. When asked him about how prepared the batteries, he said I went to that soldier and said him how with the carbons of these used batteries make instrument for you, either you must bring new battery or no news of that equipment. The soldier after a little thinking accepted and brought these batteries but when I made the instrument and gave it him, by a careful look understood that this equipment does not relate to battery and carbon. For this reason, he said; you must give the batteries back but I replied; if you made noise and complain; now I go to your commander and bring the batteries and say him that you gave us battery and radio.

The soldier that understood in bad trap has been fallen, without uttering any word or showing any reaction went.
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