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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:07
It was a while that we were planted the camp garden. The cucumber bushes were grown very good and yielded good cucumbers. The day that supposed to pick the cucumbers, one of our comrades suggested that we bring some to the camp commander. For this reason, we picked the best cucumbers, arranged them in a dish, and brought them to his office. Seemingly, the commander was not in his office and took the rest for dividing among the prisoners to the camp kitchen.

It was around midnight, the barrack's door opened severely, and several soldiers along with the camp commander entered the room. Iraqi commander's face was full of anger and a slyly smile was on the lip of the cable carrier soldiers. After a moment commander pointed to a soldier and sent him outside, soldier went and several minutes later with that dish of cucumbers returned and gave it to the commander.

Commander began to abusiveness and said; you thought that I am foolish and silly like you? You eat the big and sunny cucumbers but bring me these small and fine cucumbers.
Then he throw the dish toward us and pointed to soldiers they started their always task namely punishing our comrades.
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