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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:06
Abdolrahman was one of Iraqi guards that his very strange behavior surprised our comrades, we said him; why you do not care of our nutrition? He replied; we give you as little food as you remain at the limit of skeleton and only could walk, because if you Iranians stay healthy and taking care of you, you make helicopter out of this ceiling fans and escape! In the evening this torture Abdolrahman wore a long white cloth (Dashdasha) opened a prayer cloth and started to pray. He said a beautiful pray and continued for long. Once in the afternoon we asked him; at last we should accept your prayer saying or torturing?!

He immediately said; I am God official on the earth to torture you!

Another one of his habits was this that after torturing a comrade that was his prisoner when he felt tired, sat down, lit tow cigarettes, one to tortured person and one for himself!

These strange and contradict characters implied to call him "Punishment Angle".
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