News ID: 61380
Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:04
In days of dawn, Iraqis presumed that cultural programs performed in camp so they were very careful and sometimes increased the guards to take the opportunities from our comrades.

One night in one of the rooms, a theater was playing and the guard soldier continuously walked back and forth and did not let the program performs. One of our comrades acted out as a sick person. The room official called the guard soldier behind the window and said we have a sick person. Iraqi said, I can't open the room door. It is forbidden, they said, at least bring drug from camp's dispensary (that was administrated by Iranian medical team).

The soldier said, write the kind of drug I will bring from dispensary. A comrade wrote in a paper that was like a prescription to the medical team we are performing a program and this soldier is disturbing so keep him busy for an hour till we perform the program. Then send several aspirin for not be suspicious.

The soldier took the prescription to dispensary and returned after an hour while in his absent the program performed comfortably and he did not realize of false prescription.
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