News ID: 61378
Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:03
It was the late period of captivity that the seeds of Naz flower brought to camp and planted by gardener. After a while a beautiful scene appeared. The Naz flower property is that early morning its bud opened and in the afternoon, it disappeared. Iraqis saw that early morning that they open the locks of the doors and our comrades enter the camp's space, Naz flowers open their buds completely and in the evening when they return to rooms and camp's space becomes empty and their guarding turns, the Naz flowers buds closed and the good smell removed. For example, one day among the pretexts and troubles they made to bother was this they said that you Iranian prisoners have so enmity with us that brought up the flowers so that till you are in the camp's space they have buds and well-smell, but as you go inside the rooms they close their buds till next day that you come out of rooms.

Poor people they did not know that it is the nature of Naz flower but they linked it to our comrades elaborates. This matter also became a source of laugh and joke for our comrades for a while.
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