News ID: 61377
Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:02
In some rooms gardens cucumbers were planted. Iraqi soldiers were tempted by seeing green slim cucumbers but to keep the prestige, they avoided picking them in daylight but by identifying cucumbers and marking them, they waited for night and our comrades go to sleep then by flashlight go for finding cucumbers.

On the other hand, our comrades that detected their plans, before sunset dug holes around the cucumber carrier bushes and without cutting the cucumber from bushes put them in the holes and covered them by dirt. In this way, both the cucumbers were not separate from the bushes and were camouflage to not be seen by Iraqis.

At night, it began a meaningful comedy film. Iraqi soldiers carrying flashlights rushed gardens to loot the cucumbers that wee identified in daylight but surprisingly to each bush that they came they were didn’t see any sign of cucumbers. Our comrades laughed at them from behind windows and they left the gardens empty -handed and without any cucumbers.
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