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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:02
In Mosel camp 1, in front of each room was a piece of land that by individual activity of interest people to agriculture work, changed to a garden and with seeds that Red Cross representatives brought to the camp they planted. In one of the gardens, carrots were planted.

After several months, the carrots grew up and were ready to use what delicious carrots.

Once tow Iraqi soldiers came to check the room, saw a dish full of carrots. They surprised. They asked the room official from where you brought these carrots. He said; "these are the product of the garden in front of room, Iraqi soldiers nodded and went out of the room and immediately went to gardens to pick carrots. Their foolish was to the point that they thought carrots like cucumbers are on the ground thus they touched the carrots bushes but could not find carrots,

They thought as usual they were been kidding and made joke on them. For this reason, they were angry and came back, they said to the room official we did not see any carrots in your garden, the room official said; "you're making a mistake", and he sent one of the comrades with them to show them the place of carrots. A comrade who himself was the responsible of planting carrots when showed them the carrots garden. They with completely unbelieving said, "Where are the carrots?" our comrade took the leaves of a carrot and brought it out slowly, Iraqis were shamed of their ignorance.
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