News ID: 61374
Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:01
The nutritious condition during captivity was very improper. Iraqis in per twenty-four hours gave each person a loaf of sandwich bread called "Samoun", if you hit a person's head, its effect was like hitting by stone, because these kinds of breads were very dry, hard and heavy!

Once one of our comrades said an Iraqi officer; "sir, send these Samoun breads to Palestinians since they are in need of these breads more!"

Iraqi officer thought that the purpose of this suggestion is helping to Palestinians nutrition, thus told our comrade; "no, you are prisoners of war and more than them are in need of these breads and these facilities must be in your dispose!"

That Basiji comrade smiled and in reply to Iraqi officer said; "no, this isn’t the matter, and Palestinians in their campaign against usurper Israel are in need of stone and instead of stone they can use these Samoun breads!"
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