News ID: 61370
Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 05:59
One of Iraqi soldiers named "jondy Hassan" carried his waist truncheon on his shoulder that became like shepherds. For this reason, he was known as "Hassan Shepherd" among prisoners.

He has been heard that one of Basiji comrades has called him so. Thus, being very angry, he slammed strongly at that comrade's face and asked him to apologize.

Our comrade instead of apologizing said the Iraqi soldier; "Sayed Hassan, sorry that I said you Hassan shepherd! I call you no longer Hassan shepherd!"

Hassan shepherd slammed another time and said; "you again insulted and you must apologize". Our comrade three times more repeated his previous words that sorry I called you Hassan shepherd!

This task repeated several times and finally Hassan shepherd overlooked his apologizing and went away.
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