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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 05:56
In Morsel's camp 3 by our comrade's innovation we made several water cooler flasks. It means that around several cans we wrapped clothe or cotton bag and pour water in them.

One night one of the flasks was behind the window and the Iraqi guard asked, "What's this?"

One of our comrades replied; "to make water cooler"

Iraqi guard said; "make one for me, too."

The other day when the Iraqi guard came, our comrade gave him the water cooler flask that ha has made and said; "put this in sunshine after several hours it will be cool!

The other night the guard angrily came and said; "water was warm!"

Our comrade said; "I forgot to say that when you put the flask in sunshine add some little salt to it. The other night that Iraqi guard came, started to cry, saying bad words angrily, and threw the flask through the window into barrack but it hit the window bars and the water splashed on his face. By this Iraqi guard movement, all our comrades laughed and for a period, this matter was the cause of fun and joke of comrades.
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