News ID: 61367
Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 05:54
Once tow of our comrades bet to ride pick aback on an Iraqi soldier. One of them claimed that he could ride pick aback on an Iraqi soldier; the other said that I bet for a pack of cigarette that you cannot!

At this time the mentioned soldier entered the kitchen and our comrade asked him; you are stronger or me?

Iraqi soldier doubled his chin, laughed, and said, of course me! You with this weak and deadly thin body and less nutrition do not have power at all and I am much stronger than you are.

Our Basiji buddy told him if you're right that you are powerful, tow times around the kitchen ride me on your back, after that I ride you on my back to see who is stronger?

Iraqi soldier with a doubtful look thought of this suggestion a little and then accepted to give him a ride pick aback and carries him around the kitchen. When came the Basiji comrade turn, he seemingly tried a lot and then said sorry I cannot carry your heavy body.

This news rapidly went to all camp and for while it was the cause of laugh and joy.
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