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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 05:54
In holy days of dawn, camp had a special atmosphere. Our comrades in spite of abundant limitations also short of possibilities, tried to their best to hold a desirable ceremony.

At those days we baked a kind of sweet like Zolbia (a type of sweet that Muslim people eat during holy month of Ramadan) with mashed dry bread, oil, dates, and … and made some syrup and poured water in big bins and distributed among our comrades.

Once even, we invited the guards and Iraqi officer. They participated in this ceremony, ate sweet, and drank syrup. Nevertheless, they did not figure out that this ceremony is on holy tens of dawn.

Since barrack Iraqi officer in a complete naive said; "be quiet and don’t slam on your head and body. If you want to celebrate the birthday, you are free, only do not make noise and be careful your ceremony does not have political color!
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