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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 05:53
Once an officer named Yousef (joseph) came to the camp that physically was heavy with a big stomach, and because he walked in a special way we called him "Shol Miri" (you walk lazily). He tried to choose a person as spy among buddies for this reason a complete month worked on one Isfahani’s buddies called "Ali" and because of sensitivities that freemen buddies had in encountering Iranians and Iraqis, they said me; "Azimi, say Ali not to talk to this Iraqi officer".

I told them, Ali is a mobilize friend and trustful, he does not say a special thing to Iraqis.

Once I asked Ali; "what does that Iraqi say?"

He said; "nothing, he talks to me and asks something for example my job. I replied I am a shoe smith.

After a month working on this dear buddy and giving promises, asks him well, what news of barracks? Ali has said "nothing". Iraqi officer says well, there are some news and your prison mates do some advertising and political things. Ali says no, nothing happened. I said from the beginning that I am shoe smith and in Iran, I make shoe for rooster and hen. If you have rooster and hen bring to me, I will make shoe for them. Iraqi officer was so ignorance and foolish that believed Ali's words and after a while that he could not get information from Ali, punished him and says; "go away because you don’t anything for us".
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