News ID: 61362
Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 05:51
One of our comrades in Mosel 4 camp attacked by an Iraqi soldier called Mohammad. Our punished comrade unconsciously and with a strong accent said to Iraqi soldier; are you a cow?!

Iraqi soldier that did not realize the word, asked; what does you are cow mean?

Our comrade that faced by an unexpected question, said; Mr.! In Iran, give this title to a great and powerful person!

Iraqi soldier without being suspicious of this explanation, with joy and pride made his jowl bigger and released him.

The other day once another comrade called the soldier Sayed Mohammad the soldier got angry and violently said; "call me Sayed Mohammad cow! Understand?"

Our comrade (servant of God) poor fellow that completely was not aware of adventure amazingly confirmed his word and repeated it. Since later on, the title "Mohammad Gavi" formally prevailed among comrades.
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