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Publish Date: 01 August 2006 - 10:13
Sometimes I was falling into deep thought, how a 3- years old child could remember his father. I don’t remember my father. The only thing, which is joining me to him, is his memories that others are saying about his kindness and devotion. That night, there were many stars in the sky. The wind was blowing between the dry crucibles. I heard the sound of Tanks, which were in the road. The shooting did not stop for a moment. The aroma of gunpowder had filled the air. I could hear a painful groan from an unknown person, who needed help. There was a wounded Person who had fallen on the ground.
He only could move a little and Sajed saw him. He took himself over his head quickly. He knew him. "Seyed Masoud Siyadat”? It was cleared that he has crept a long distance because of his bleeding. His feet had been shot; Masoud saw Sajed over his head. He smiled as he was trying. Sajed squatted. He was in a hurry. Fighters were advancing. He should joint the other fighters. On the other hand, he couldn’t leave him alone in such a state. He took out his bootlace and tied it above his injured vein. He said to Masoud: “Stay here. Now, reinforcement troops are coming.”? Masoud became unconscious.
He was seeing Sajed who were advancing. Later, Masuod noticed that Sajed received a splinter during those operations too. Yesterday, when I went to my father’s grave I saw Masuod who had sat by my father’s grave and shed tears. When he saw us, he greeted and said that he is always indebted to him and he will never forget his memory. Then he stood and moved away sadly.
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