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Publish Date: 01 August 2006 - 08:32
He entered the yard. He leaned the ladder to the wall and went on the roof. I followed him too. He was happy; there was a green table-cloth in his hand that he laid. A brilliant light shone. Everywhere was luminous. I looked at the table–cloth. It was full of Damascus rose. The aroma of flowers had filled the space. I uttered this formula on Mohammad unconsciously, he too. A calm wind was blowing. I went by the table–cloth calmly. I hadn’t sat yet, suddenly the wind changed to a wonderful storm. As soon as I took the table–cloth everything was scattered in the sky. I followed flowers. But they were lost in the peak of the sky. I returned towards Ali quickly. As I was sad, I said to him:
-“Where was the place of spreading flowers?”?
He looked at me and smiled. He flew by flowers and left me.
Uproar had risen. There were funeral ceremonies of 10 martyrs. It was crowded. I had stood at the corner. I began to think about my dream. When I collected my wits, the Martyr’s name has been announced from the loudspeaker. Name of 9 martyrs were announced. I don’t know what happened. When I went among the crowd, I approached the loudspeaker man and shouted:
Brother….you didn’t announce the name of the 10th martyr.
As that man cried out Allah o Akbar , he turned to me and said:
-The 10th martyr is unknown…
He said this word and shouted again. People were shouting too. How splendid, the funeral ceremonies had been started. The people were shouting, beating their chests and heads.
They were shouting: “This is our fallen off petal that is presented to our leader.”?
The funeral ceremonies took some hours. After burying the martyrs, I left. On the way, those previous night dream scenes went over in my head again. Damascus Rose were scattered in the sky. As soon as I entered to the alley, the aroma of Damascus Roses had filled everywhere. The alley smelled of Damascus Rose. Special perfume, I set out of the house quickly. The children were at the door. They were in a strange state. It seemed as if they were only waiting for me. The neighbor had stood beside them as soon as she saw me, she came forward and asked me so much and invited me to her house.
-“Come and let us drink a cup of tea together. You might be tired.”?
I didn’t grasp anything why our neighbor invited me to her house?
I felt strange. After drinking tea, I said Goodbye to her and went home. The children’s behavior had been so kindly. I mean they had been in another manner. I had my ablutions; I laid the prayer- carpet and stood for praying. I felt several uninvited guests entering my prayers. At the end of praying, I cleared the prayer-carpet and entered to the hall. There were my brothers and a strange man. I asked for them. They inquired about my state warmly and after so much talking my elder brother said:
-“We decided to go somewhere, thought you may come with us?”?
-“Where to?”?
-Revolutionary Gaurd1
It momentarily occurred to me, what connection has it with me that they are going to go to the army?
- Good-bye
They came up, I asked them to sit and drink a cup of tea
My brother looked at me as he was getting ready to go outside.
-“We want to go to fetch Ali, he has been wounded.
I was stunned. They are wise to Ali, the image of falling off petals.
-A person, who is shot, should be in the hospital not in the army.
My brother moved away, so that he may not have an answer to my question. He stood opposite Ali’s picture on the wall.
I understood he was weeping because of his trembling shoulders.
-“Brother! Why don’t you say that Ali has suffered martyrdom?”?
He was weeping louder while hearing my sentence. My brother put his hand on my shoulder after a few times when everybody kept calm.
-In fact, we were informed about half–hour ago that he is unknown.
- We doubted that he is Ali.
And the 10th person was announced two times and several times.
- Unknown
- You mean that 10th person is my Yosef?
- You go, I don’t want to come.
- You should go to identify him.
I was in a
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