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Biography of Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti based on dates:

Since Birth to Martyrdom

1928: He was born in the city of Isfahan in Lebanon District close to Chaharsough on October 24, 1928.

1929: His Mother\'s father Haj Mir Mohammad Sadegh Modarres Khatoonabadi passed away. He was a clergy involved in political activities against the government. He participated in taking sanctuary in Qom.

1933: Starting studying at "Maktabkhane" (it was a kind of school to learn Quran which started much sooner than 7 years old for children) at the age of four years old

1934: Entering Saremieh primary school on February 4th, 1934.

1940: Entering Sa\'di high school in Isfahan.

1942: Quitting high school at the end of second year of high school. Entering Sadr School and studying up to "Kafaeeyeh" level (It is close to the end of the level in that school)

1945: Asking for permission from parents to stay at his room for day and night and learn English.

1946: Departing to Qom and continuing studies in "Hozeh Elmieh" (Hozeh Elmieh is the place where people go there to study in a different style rather than high school and learn Quran and religious subjects. They become cleric after some years studying there.), taking one room in Hojjatieh School in order to stay for day and night, completing the rest of his studies in religious subjects in the two levels of "Kafaeeyeh" and "Makaseb".

1947: Starting the lesson of "Kharej" (A subject of religious lessons which is taught in"Hozeh Elmieh"). He took this course with Ayatollah Mohaghegh Yazdi (Damad), Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Boroujerdi as his teachers. He also took some courses with Ayatollah Mohammad-Taghi Khansari. At this year he did some religious promotional activities and traveled to different villages to preach people during Ramadon month.

 1948: Taking high school tests in literature course and taking diploma without participating in classes. He decided to continue new sciences at this year. So he entered the university of "Maghool and Manghool" (Theological and Islamic Education University).

1950: Departing Isfahan for Tehran at the last year of university. He traveled to Tehran in order to learn new lessons and completing English courses. At this year he started to teach in different schools in order to earn money. At the same time he participated in activities of National Oil Movement.

1951: Graduation from university and receiving BA in Philosophy. He was accepted in scholarship tests of students in order to be sent to universities in abroad. At this year he returned to Qom to continue educations in "Hozeh". He started lessons with Allameh Tabatabayee. He also started teaching English in Hakim Nezami High School in summer of
 1952. He later went to Isfahan and lectured for the employees in Telegraph Building in Isfahan who had gone on a strike on July 17 to July 21, 1952.

1952: Marrying one of his relatives.

1954: Establishing the school of "Religious and University" with modern style. He held English classes for the students of "Hozeh Elmieh".

1956: Starting PhD course.

1959: Receiving PhD. Since 1959 he held meetings with people in Ghaen area in Tehran. The meeting was namely "The saying of Moon". He lectured people during the meetings.

1960: He established the Islamic Institute for students and teachers of Qom. Holding different meetings to organize "Hozeh Elmieh" activities and planning orderly for it. Mr Rabbani Shirazi, Mr. Saeedi and Mr. Meshkini attended the mentioned meetings.

1961: Establishing planned schools for students of"Hozeh Elmieh" with a number of "Hozeh Elmieh" teachers who were active in political activities against the government.

1962: Giving lecture in restaurant of Tehran University dormitory on the occasion of "Mab\'ath" celebration (The anniversary of the day when Hazrat Mohammad was selected as a messenger). He also started research works on the issue of "Government in Islam". He compiled different announcements at this year and played an active role in different gatherings.

1963: Establishing "Haghani" or "Montazerieh" school. In winter of the same year he was fired from teaching for a period of time. At the same time he had to leave Qom and going to Tehran under the pressure of SAVAC (Security Organization in that time).

 At the same year he participated in religious jurisprudence council of "Motalefeh" councils (Motalefeh council was a party which opposed government at that time) with Mr. Motahhari, Mr. Anvari and Mr. Molayee. He also participated in planning programs for religious trainings books with Mr. Bahonar, Mr Ghafouri, Mr Borghe?ee, Mr Razi Shirazi and Mr. Rouzbeh.

1964: He was arrested by SAVAC in Isfahan following his lecture in Chaharbagh (Imam Jafar Sadegh) school of Isfahan on Rabiolaval 17th.

1965: Departing for Germany in order to administer Hamburg Mosque following insistence of Ayatollah Haeri and Ayatollah Khansari. He changed the name of "Hamburg Mosque of Iranians" to "Hamburg Islamic Center". He also established Central Union of Islamic Associations of Persian Speaking University Students.

 1969: He traveled to Mecca (for Hajj), Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. He also traveled to Iraq to visit Imam Khomeini.

1970: Returning to Iran. When he came back to Iran, the government didn\'t allow him to return to Germany; so he continued activities regarding planning teaching books.

He also continued research activities regarding Haghani School with Mr.  Mahdavikani, Mr.  Mousavi Ardabili and Mr.  Mofatteh. He continued these activities till 1978.

1971: He held meetings about commentaries on Quran which was namely "the School of Quran" on Saturdays. But the meetings were closed by SAVAC after 15 weeks.

1975: He was arrested by the Joint Committee of Anti-Sabotage and SAVAC for few days.

1976: He established some centers for doing organizational activities against the government. He made lots of efforts to establish the party under the name of "Rouhaniat Mobarez Tehran" (Means Combatant Clerics of Tehran) with Mr. Motahhari, Mr. Mofatteh, Mr. Emami Kashani and Hojjat-Ol-eslam Maleki. The name of the council was previously"Combatant Clerics in Shemiran".

1977: "Rouhaniat Mobarez Tehran" (Combatant Clerics of Tehran) was established. At the same time he decided to form hidden and semi-hidden organizations as a party.

1978: He was again arrested by the SAVAC on Aashoura (Aashoura is the 10th day of Moharram -the Arabic month- in which Imam Hossein was martyred. Every year Shiites of the world hold mourning ceremonies on this day.) For few days. He was kept in Joint Committee of Anti-Sabotage.

At this year he met Imam Khomeini in Paris and participated Islamic Revolution Council with Mr. Motahhari, Mr. Mousavi Ardabili, Mr. Bahonar, Mr. Mahdavi Kani, Ayatollah  Khamenei (present supreme leader of Islamic Republic of Iran), Ayatollah Taleghani, Mr.  Bazargan and Mr. Sahabi.
 He announced existence of the party on February 18, 1979.

1979: He became a member in Khobregan Majlis to write constitution. He was assigned to be the head of the State Supreme Court.

1981: On June 28th 1981 he was martyred in a bomb explosion in central office of Islamic Republic Party with 72 officials of the Islamic Revolution government.





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