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Martyr Beheshti As Viewed by Foreign Medias

Intelligent in Organizing

The yearly magazine of "Fischerwolt Almanech" which is a famous magazine with large circulation introduced Ayatollah Beheshti in its 1981 edition as follows:

Ayatollah Dr Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti was born in Iran in 1928. He finished his studies in Iran and Germany. He was the chief mullah in Hamburg Mosque and the manager in Hamburg Islamic Center since 1965 till 1970. He is dominated on several languages. He is intelligent in organizing. He was also the religious consultant for Ministry of Education for a while.

Dr Beheshti is known as a "knowledgeable administrative organizer" but meanwhile one of the leaders. (The writer of the article had made a spelling mistake in writing his surname "Hosseini". He has written "Hosseini"as "Hossein". The mistake has been unfortunately repeated in mass media, Iranian press in particular. That is while the surname of Martyr Dr Beheshti is "Hosseini Beheshti".) He is the radical of Islamic Revolution of Iran. He is one of the famous and great faces of his own country. Dr Beheshti is the head of Supreme Court of the Country. He is the leader of Islamic Republic Party, a party which won the election in 1980. Dr Beheshti is one of the writers of new constitution of the divine system of Iran.

With an Attractive Face with Dignity

Despite all enmities with Ayatollah Martyr Dr Beheshti during his life and also the enmity with Islamic Revolution of Iran in past and present, Radio BBC spoke about Dr Beheshti in its worldwide night program on June 29th 1981 (one day after the event of explosion of bomb). A summary of the program is as follows:

Ayatollah Dr Sayed Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti, the leader of Islamic Republic Party, head of Supreme Court of the Country and the member of Presidential Council was a well dressed man with dignity an attractive face. Although he saw issues of the day with a new view, he became a politician in practice. He never said an inappropriate word. Among the clergymen of Iran, he was one of the few people who believed in order and organization. The 52 year old Beheshti was the grandson of Ayatollah Modarres Khatoon Abadi one of the famous clergymen of Isfahan. He was graduated from University of Tehran in Islamic Philosophy Course while educating Islamic subjects in Islamic schools. It was why he tried to enter new lessons into   classic schools.


As an author, Beheshti has written many articles regarding issues such as"The Concept of Government in Islam" and "Role of Rouhaniat (Rouhaniat means being clergyman) in relation of Islam with modern schools of thoughts". The years he lived in West Germany as the leader of Muslim society of Hamburg is one of the discussing issues, after Islamic Revolution in particular. His partisans say that Beheshti was sent to Germany because of his knowledge, efficiency and mental order as a clergyman. Organizing power of Dr Beheshti appeared well in establishing Islamic Republic Party, dominating on power through parliament and also organizing "The Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution? and ?Jahad Sazandegi".

Demise of Dr Beheshti will leave a power vacuum in all administrations which were under his control. And it is difficult to find a person -among the ruling clergymen- who can accept all his responsibilities.


The American Newspaper of "Christian Science Monitor" wrote an editorial under the title of "Rough Winds in Iran". Although this newspaper faces Iranian issues with hostility as usual, it condemned the rough action of bombing in the central office of Islamic Republic Party with following sentences: "The action was in itself a rough action and rooted in lack of thinking and it should be condemned by the whole world."

Later they wrote only one sentence about Ayatollah Martyr Dr Beheshti as follows: Beheshti seemed in fact a realistic person who might change the current chaotic situation with politic maneuvers. The issue is that who will fill the vacuum which has been caused after he was killed. 

Motive Power of Islamic Government

VOA Radio which is the reflection of imperialistic politics of the Imperialist USA and has a deep hostility with Islamic Republic of Iran and the revolutionary leaders of Iran has broadcasted reports news, news analysis and quotations from newspapers regarding the situation in Iran. It also broadcasted programs regarding the personality of Ayatollah Martyr Dr Beheshti. A selection of the broadcasted programs is as follows:

In the Night Program on June 29th, 1981:

Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti was born 52 years before in Isfahan. His father was a clergyman. He educated in religious fields in the city of Qom and the University of Tehran. He received PhD in Religious Sciences Course from the University of Tehran. Beheshti preferred to be called Dr Beheshti rather than Ayatollah Behehsti. After a short time following joining religious society he departed for West Germany. He was the chief mullah of Iranian society living in Germany to say prayers in public in Hamburg for five years.

Ayatollah Beheshti joined Ayatollah Khomeini associate group in his exile in 1978; so he became one of the main planners of Islamic Revolution of Iran. Beheshti established Islamic Republic Party after destruction of Shah Government. It was a group which appeared as the most powerful political force in Iran fast. It became the motive power of Iranian Religious and Revolutionary Government.

In the Morning Program on July 1st, 1981

The Brilliant Face of Ayatollah Martyr Dr Beheshti

Beheshti the powerful man in the political and religious field of Islamic Revolution with over 70 other people were killed in the event of bomb explosion. Beheshti who thought about establishing a party after victory of Islamic Revolution had properly distinguished that people\'s enthusiasm regarding the interference of religious people in political affairs will finish after the victory of Islamic Revolution. And they will be very soon ignored if there is no required political organization for them to continue political activities; so he established a wide and powerful party organization with his ingenuity and skill. The result was controlling Islamic Parliament, cabinet of the government and also judiciary system.

Having a Special Insight

Washington Star Newspaper Writes:

With Death of Beheshti, Iranian Religious Government Party loses one of its most powerful planners and politicians. Beheshti had his own special insight in organizing.

Exactly the day that the king of Iran was dethroned and the historic pages for Pahlavi family were closed, Ayatollah Khomeini "the new leader of Iran- announced the forming of new government based on Shiite rules and regulations. Ayatollah Khomeini announced the necessity for establishment of such a government. And Beheshti acted like a bulldozer who paved the way for implementation of Imam Khomeini wills. He was like a volcano and with his strict behavior lead the revolution to the way Imam Khomeini wanted.

From Back Stage

New York Times Newspaper wrote an article under the title of "Chaos in Tehran". It wrote about the bomb explosion in the central office of Islamic Republic Party in a report. Some part of the report is as follows:

Ayatollah Beheshti -who was killed at the incident - was the person who directed from back stage. He directed clergymen to reach to power of and their political ruling in Iran from back stage.

Martyr Beheshti As Viewed by Enemy

Two days after the event of bomb explosion in the central office of Islamic Republic Party, Times Newspaper of UK published a brief biography of Martyr Dr Behehsti. The published biography is not far from judge and analysis of Times Newspaper. It has confessed that he had a great soul and was intelligent. The newspaper spoke about his great power in administering affairs and battling with imperialism in order to implement rules of Islam. But at the same time the article in partial which is the same accusations and labels that domestic and foreign enemies attached on him when he was alive.

A part of the article is as follows:

Ayatollah Beheshti was the leader of the powerful party of Islamic Republic in Iran. He was killed in the center of the party on June 28th. He was generally known as one of the planners of Islamic Revolution of Iran and also as one of the influential faces of the revolution. Majority of Iranians considered him as the most powerful politician of Iran in the last days of his life. He himself denied any kind of extraordinary power.

Beheshti was an intelligent man with strong action. He became a skillful and thoughtful person whenever needed. He spent majority of his force to dismiss the people who were against establishment of a divine government. His intelligence and ingenuity were added to his knowledge of English and German languages. He knew the moral of officials in west countries, their weak points in particular. The way to administer hostages revealed in 14 months. At that time it was told that he was the planner of majority of diplomatic ups and downs which kept USA suffering. He was especially famous to show elegant skill in weekly press conferences.

Despite the fact that he was not politically popular, he exercised lots of authority in the secret council of the revolution. The secret council of the revolution was ruling the country in action after revolution. The whole such power was hidden in his 20 year relation with Ayatollah Khomeini. Beheshti had visited Imam Khomeini in "Hozeh Elmieh" in the holy city of Qom. In many aspects Qom is considered as the spiritual birth place of the revolution. The influence of Beheshti on Ayatollah Khomeini increasingly revealed during the months after the revolution. More that anybody else, Beheshti encouraged Imam Khomeini to follow up objectives to establish an original Islamic Government.

Martyr Beheshti\'s Will

I, Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti, holder of ID Card No 13707 issued in Isfahan advise to my wife, children and other relatives to attach importance to the divine light in humans" hearts more than anything. I advise them to believe in Knowledgeable, powerful, listener, beneficent and merciful God, God\'s respected messengers and obeying the last messenger and his book "Quran- and innocent imams. I advise them to say praise of God, say prayers with heart presence and fasting. I advise them to other worships, donation, self sacrifice, honesty and also jihad for their goals. I advise them to be constantly in contact with people and have close relations with them. This way they can bring back the happiness path towards themselves. This is my will that after my death one third of my house and accessories of the house which is located in ?No 8-9, Manteghi Lane, Touraj St; Gholhak, Tehran? belongs to my wife Mrs Ezzatol-Sharifeh Modarres Motlagh. I ask God to give my wife and children the happiness to live fore God.

Rajab 27th, 1400 Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti.





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