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Publish Date: 26 June 2007 - 07:46

The Names of Martyrs in 7tir Explosion event

1. Ayatollah Dr. Sayed Mohammad Hossini Beheshti - the head of high court of cassation

2. Rahman estaki - the representative of Shahr-e-kord city in the parliament

3. Dr. Sayed Mohammad Bagher Hossini lavasani - the representative of Tehran city in the parliament

4. Dr. Sayed Reza Paknejad - the representative of Yazd city in the parliamen

5. Ali Reza Cheraghzadeh Dezfoli - the representative of Ramhormoz city in the parliament

6. Hojat-Ol-eslam Qolam Hossin Haghani - the representative of Bandar Abass city in the parliament

7. Hojat-Ol-eslam Mohammad Ali Heydari - the representative of Nahavand city in the parliament

8. Hojat-Ol-eslam seyed Mohammad Taghi Hossini Tabatabaee - the representative of Zabol city in the parliament.

9. Abass Heydari - the representative of Boshehr city in the parliament.

10. Dr.Sayed Shamsedin Hossini Naeeni - the representative of Naeen city in the parliament

11. Sayed Mohammad Kazem Danesh - the representative of Shoush and Andimeshk city in parliament

12. Ali Akbar Dehqan - the representative of Torbat- e - Jam city in the parliament

13. Dr. Abdolhamid Diyalameh - the representative of Booshehr city in the parliament

14. Hojat-Ol-eslam Dr. Qolamreza Danesh Ashtiyani - the representative of Tafresh and Ashtian city in the parliament

15. Hojat-ol-eslam seyed Fakhredin Rahimi - the representative of Molavi city in lorestan province city in the parliament

16. Sayed Mohammda Javad Sherafat - the representative of Shooshtar city in the parliament

17. Mir Behzad Shahriyari - the representative of Roodbaran city in the parliament.

18. Hojat-Ol-eslam Mohammad Hossein Sadeghi - the representative of Dooroud and Azna city in the parliament

19. Dr. Ghasem Sadeghi - the representative of Mashhad city in the parliament.

20. Hojat-Ol-eslam Sayed Norollah Tabatabaei Nejhad - the representative of Ardestan city in the parliament

21. Hojat-Ol-eslam Hassan Tayebi - the representative of Esfarayen city in the parliament

22. Sayfollah Abdolkarimi - the representative of Langroud city in the parliament.

23. Hojat-Ol-eslam Abd-Ol-vahab Ghasemi - the representative of Sari city in the parliament

24. Hojat-Ol-eslam Emaddin Karimi - the representative of Noshahr city in the parliament.

25. Hojat-Ol-eslam Mohammd Montazeri - the representative of Najaf Abad city in the parliament

26. Abass Ali Nategh Nouri - the representative of Nour city in the parliament.

27. Mehdi Nasiri Lari - the representative of Larestan city in the parliament.

28. Hojat-Ol-eslam Ali Hashemi Sanjani - the representative of Arak city in the parliament

29. Dr. Hasan Abaspour- the Minster of power

30. Dr. Mohammad Ali Fayaz Bakhsh - adviser of Minister and the head of Behzisti center

31. Dr. Mahmood Ghandi - the Minster of post,Telegraph and phone

32. Mousa Kalantari - the Minster of road way and civil

33. Dr. Javad Asadollah Zadeh - the deputy of foreign commerce in commerce Minster

34. Abass Ershad - the deputy of teaching section in Behzisti center

35. Mehdi Amin Zadeh -the deputy of interior commerce in commerce Minster

36. Mohammad Sadegh Eslami - Parliament deputy of commerce minister

37. Mohandes Mohammad Tafizi Zvareh - the deputy of roadway and civil minister

38. Dr. Hashem Jafari Moayeri - the deputy of pecuniary affair in health minister

39. Eraj Shahsavri- the minister of education

40. Abas Shahovi - the deputy of education Minister

41. Dr. Hasan Azodi- the deputy of the high council of education

42. Habib-Ol-lah Mehmanchi - the deputy of parliament affair and Minister of labor

43. GholamAli Motamedi - the deputy of welfar in education minister

44. Sayed Kazem Mosavi - the deputy of education minister

45. Hasan Ejarehdar (Hasani) - the member of central section in Jamhouri (political) party and editor in chief in "Orvah" magazine

46. Abas Ebrahimiyan- a member of Jomhouri (political) party

47. Hojat-Ol-eslam Ali Akbar Ajhei - a member of political office in Islamic Jomhoori party

48. Ali Asghar Agha Zamani -A momerenceance of Islamic Jomhouri (political) party

49. Mahmoud Balaghar - A member of Islamic Jomhouri (political) party

50. Hassan Bakhshaesh - A member of Islamic Jomhouri (political) party

51. Mohammad Purvali - A member of Islamic Jomhouri (political) party

52. Reza Torabi - A member of Islamic Jomhouri (political) party.

53. Mohandes Mehdi Hajiyan Moghadam - the head of education in engineering section in Islamic Joomhouri party

54. Mohammad Khoshzaban - A member of Islamic Jomhouri (political) party

55. Ali Derakhshan - a member of central section in Islamic Jomhouri (political) party

56. Javad Sarafraz - a member of central section in Islamic Jomhouri (political) party

57. Hojat-Ol-eslam Hossin Saadati - A member of Islamic Jomhouri (political) party

58. Habib-Ol-lah Mehdizadeh Taleei - A member of Islamic Jomhouri (political) party

59. Sayed Mohammad Mosavifar - A member of Islamic Jomhouri (political) party.

60. Mohsen Molaei - A member of Islamic Jomhouri (political) party.

61. Javad Maleki - a member of central section in Islamic Jomhouri (political) party

62. Hojat - Ol - eslam Abdolhossin Akbari Mazandarani Saravi - a member of agriculture center in Mazandaran province.

63. Agricultural Engineer Hossin Akbari - the director of agriculture bank.

64. Mohandes Hadi Amini - a member of engineer section in Islamic engineering party.

65. Sayed Mohammad Paknejhad - a member of board of directory of word and paper.

66. Mohammad Ravaghi- the manager of Iran Carpet Company.

67. Mechanical Engineer Tohid Razmjo - a member of administrative board of national industry

68. Ali Akbar Salimi Jahromi- the manager of office and employment affair

69. Javad Sarhadi - the manager of city and rural cooperative

70. Mohammad Hasan Mohammad Eyni

71. Habib Maleki - the governor of Iranshahr

72. Engineer Mohammad Ali Majidi - civil adviser of   country minister

The name of injured man in 7tir Explosion event 

1. Ali Asghar Baghani - the representative of Sabzevar in the parliament.

2. Bahram Taj Ghardon - the representative of Gachsaran and Kohgiloye in the parliament

3. Eraj Safaee Dezfuli - the representative of Abadeh city in the parliament.

4. Morteza Fazlali - the representative of Garmsar city in the parliament.

5. Esmael FerdosiPour - the representative of Ferdous and Tabas city in the parliament.

6. Sayed Mohammad Kiyavash - the representative of Ahvaz city in the parliament.

7. Mohammd Marvi Samavarchi - the representative of Torghabe and chenoran in the parliament

8. Morteza Mahmoodi - the representative of Ghasre Shirin in the parliament

9. Ghotrat-Ol-lah Najafi - the representative of Shahreza city in the parliament

10. Hossin Kazemzadeh Ardabili - the minster of commerce

11. Sayed Jalal Saadatiyan - the deputy of the minster of health

12. Masoud Sadeghi - the deputy of the Minister of?.

13. Mohamadhasan Asgharniya - the governor general of Semnan province

14. Hojan-Ol-eslam Masih Mohajeri -editor ? in ? chief of Jamhouri newspaper

15. Masoud Mosavi - employee of Jomhouri (political) party

16. Ali Mousavi - employee of Jomhouri (political) party

17. Mahmood Jamali - employee of Jomhouri (political) party

18. Zein Olabedin Raeisi - employee of Jomhouri (political) party

19. Heydaali Alizadeh - employee of Jomhouri (political) party

20. Hedayat Abadi - employee of Jomhouri (political) party

21. Danesh Mehr - employee of Jomhouri (political) party

22. Masoud Sadeghi Azad - employee of prime Minister

23. Ebrahim Abdi -a member of student university section in Jomhouri (political) party

24. Mohammad Gharib - a member of student university section in Jomhouri (political) party










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