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Publish Date: 26 June 2007 - 07:39

Martyr Beheshti As Viewed by Imam Khomeini


His high rank in knowledge and thought and also his high commitment were clear for me. Among the pious and committed people that I know, Martyr Beheshti was the best of them. Beheshti was himself a nation.

I knew him for over 20 years. Despite what has been propagated in the country against him, I found him a committed person, a knowledgeable clergyman, a manager interested in nation and Islam and useful for our society. Unfair people said down with Beheshti and propagated against him in all parts of the country. I knew him for over 20 years. And I never saw him gossiping about another person even once.

Killing pious people and committed people to Islam and also killing self sacrifice will not kill a nation. They were people who had been prepared for serving people. They served the country. What was your enmity with over 70 innocent people that majority of them were the best ones to serve people and were strict opposed to enemies of our country and nation?! You had hard enmity with Martyr Beheshti who lived and died   oppressed. He was a thorn in eyes of enemies of Islam you in particular-(To the killers of 72 martyrs)

Although we lost loyal friends and dears who were each a very strong support for our oppressed nation, although we lost very committed brothers who were "severe with the unbeliever and were kind with themselves." (This is a verse of Quran which describes believers.) They were strong and firm dams and fruitful trees for the oppressed and revolutionary nation. But the clamorous flood of our people and waves of our nation will compensate every shortage by unity and relying on God.

What I am sorry for is his being oppressed. Martyrdom is nothing among him. He was the aim of foreigners and their supporters during his life. He was accused badly. All the 72 martyrs were committed people who were respected by people. They were respected by clergymen. They did not have monopolistic ideas. Those who wanted to monopolize everything should judge fairly about these people. The unfair wanted to send Beheshti, Khamenei, Rafsanjani and others out of the political stage.

You ?blind hearted people- have seen the fact that when you kill important people, then our people become more insisting to sacrifice their lives for Islam. You intend to send our self sacrificed people out of the stage by killing our dears. You have not known the people whose disabled patients on beds of hospitals wish to be martyred. And they call their companions for martyrdom.







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