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The Message of Imam Khomeini

On the occasion of the tragic event on June 28th, the day that Dr. Beheshti and the 72 sincere assistants of the Islamic Revolution were martyred

In the Name of God, the beneficent the merciful

We are from God and we go back to God (Quran verse)

Our nation has revolted in order to establish Islamic justice and implement the precepts of the Quran and wants to cut the hands of the criminal imperialists from the country and live with freedom and independent. Such a nation has been ready for martyrdom. This nation is not afraid to face a situation in which professional criminals act as the hands of criminal imperialists in the country and kill the best people of that nation.


Isn\'t martyrdom a heritage of people who believed the meaning of life is belief and jihad?! They preserved the glorious religion of Islam by their blood and also the blood and life of their young people. And this is the heritage which has been given to our people who put value on martyrdom culture. Aren\'t dignity and humanitarian values precious jewels that Muslims sacrificed their lives to preserve it?!


Aren\'t we innocent followers of Islam who are ready to give lives to reach this goal?! And we do not doubt about martyrdom of our dears. Is the enemy able to deprive us from humanitarian values and morality by its treason against the country?! Are the enemies of morality able to deprive friends of God and lovers of the truth from the soil cloth?!


Let the beast enemies -who do not think about anything except themselves- kill the lovers of the way of truth and make them become close to their beloved who is God. Shame on you! Shame on you as the scum of the evil! You have sold your souls to international criminals and have been hidden in holes in order to be engaged in ignorant sabotages against a nation who stood against imperialists.


The big fault of you and your supporters is having no information about Islam, its spiritual power and also the Muslim nation and their self sacrifice motivation. You have not known the nation who bravely sacrificed the lives of tens of young people. They sacrificed their lives that the evil system of Pahlavi in Iran falls and they become free from the big evil. They passed through that hard situation and didn\'t complain. You have not known such people. You have not known the people whose disabled patients on beds of hospitals wish to be martyred. And they call their friends for martyrdom.



You -blind hearted people- have seen the fact that when you kill important people, then our people become more insisting to sacrifice their lives. You intend to make people tired by killing our dears. You want people to become passive in the society. You attacked to our dears such as Dr. Beheshti and other martyrs in the cabinet and parliament in a dastardly way. You intended to separate them from our nation by different tricks and accusations. Now that you know your plans are useless and you have become disgrace in everywhere in the country, you have hidden yourselves in holes and commit ignorantly crimes. You think you will be able to frighten our brave people with such wildly actions. Our people are self sacrificed and considers martyrdom as a value. You don?t know the fact that there is no word of fear in the martyrdom culture. Nowadays, Islam is proud of martyrs and those whose relatives and children are martyred. Islam proudly calls everyone for resistance at the present time. We are very willing to meet God and give our life to him; because our life belongs to God. 


Iranian nation has lost 72 innocent people in this big tragic event. And the number 72 is similar to the number of martyrs in Karbala (Karbala is the place where Imam Hussein was martyred). Iranian nation is proud to dedicate men to the society who devoted themselves to serve Islam and Muslims. The enemies of "Khalgh" (means people and it was the name of a party) martyred a group who had been gathered to consult about the problems of the country. Dear nation! These blind hearted people who claim to battle for people (Khalgh) deprived people from a group which were sincere and active servers of the people. Suppose you had problems with Dr Beheshti -who lived innocently and died in an oppressed way and also was a teasel in the eyes of enemies of Islam, you in particular- what was your problem with over 70 innocent people at the gathering? Majority of them were the best servants of people. They disagreed with the enemies of the country and Iranian people. You -under the name of- "Khalgh"  (means people)- supported the enemies of people and paved the way for western and eastern imperialists which want to plunder our country.


Although we lost loyal dears and friends that each of them individually was a very strong and valuable support for our oppressed nation, although we lost very committed brothers who were like strong dams and fruitful trees for our oppressed nation and revolutionary foundations, but the clamorous flood of our people and waves of our nation will compensate every shortage by unity and relying on God. Trusting on the eternal power of God, Iranian nation will move like a sea and send those people who have been hidden in holes to hell. Those criminal are on their last moment of life.  


And the great God supports this country and people. Once more I express condolences and congratulations on this occasion to Hazrat Mahdi (12th Imam of Shiite), oppressed nations of the world and the combatant people of Iran. May God bless the souls of the martyrs in this tragic event! We share the sadness with relatives and families of the martyrs. I wish God gives the families and relatives of the martyr\'s patience. May God bless the souls of the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution since June 5th 1963 till June 28th 1981! I offer greetings to the whole oppressed people of the world and Iran during the history.


Rouhollah Almousavi Alkhomeini

June 30th 1981



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