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Publish Date: 23 May 2007 - 13:19

The conquest of Khoramshahr in the words of Islamic revolution supreme leader

No one believed in the world that our armed forces could take Khoramshahr back.

I was in those areas in the first months of the war and witnessed the conditions of both people and the armed forces. The Armed forces were determined; but they were in blues.

The supreme leader made a speech in a meeting with a cross section of the society in Khordad 1st, 1381 in the anniversary of khoramshahr's freedom some parts of which is as follows:

�I congratulate the anniversary of the very important and memorable event of the victory in Khoramshahr's front and its taking back to the country by the Sepah, the Army valorous faithful soldiers and Basij devotees to all combatants, altruists, martyrs and devotees families"the event of Khoramshahr is only a historical event apparently, being glorious and exciting for Iranian nation; but deeply, it looks like a big miracle. When Iraqi regime invaded our frontiers being supported by the revolution enemies; it had moved deliberately. Khoramshahr was the first and very influential step of this aim, at the first step, Iraqi forces advanced even to 13-14 kilometers of Ahwaz; but, when they wanted to attack Khoramshahr which was a closer frontier; they were blocked. The reason why were popular forces, faithful youth and revolutionary men and women who prosecuted the war i.e. here, the revolution began to show itself and then, the enemy was stopped near Ahwaz.

There, the armed forces, Army, and popular forces stood against the enemy severely. That was the first punishment for them.

But sorrow had filled the Iranian nations heart; since, thousands kilometers of their country was occupied by the enemy. I was in those areas at the first months of the war and witnessed the conditions of both people and the armed forces.

The available thing for Iranian nation was a strong determination and all-out vitality originating from their faith and awareness. According to Imam Khomeini: "God set Khoramshahr free". It's good to commemorate our dear martyr "Sayyad Shirazi". Most of those days commanders are alive and kicking and working now; and some of them have been martyred. Nobody believed in the world our Armed forces could take back Khoramshahr; since, it was lost.

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