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Martyr Gholamreza Rezaei biography and activities

He was present in the battlefields until the end of Iran-Iraq war. During this time he was injured for three times. Once he was injured in Ghalvizan battlefield..

Martyr Engineer Gholam Reza Rezayee was born in 1965 in Tehran city. He accomplished his elementary school in Khatir School. He passed his guidance school in Azadol Dowleh Deilami and he succeeded to finish his high school in the schools Falsefi and Shahid Modares. He succeeded to get his diploma degree in 1984 with a grade average of 18 in the field of Mathematics.

In 1985 he took an exam for university despite of the Iran-Iraq war and he was accepted for university in the field of Electricity Engineering, of Electronic in Sharif Industrial University. After the end of the imposed war era, he was selected as a superior university student in 1993. According to this issue he was admitted for master degree in Control Electricity Engineering without having an exam.

Since he had so much interests to applied pure science in Engineering Sciences, at the end of his bachelor degree after a while of teaching in the Electricity Principles in Electricity College of Sharif Industrial University, he started his teaching in the Mathematics college in the Algorithms field. Despite of tolerating many difficulties resulted from his chemical injury, he continued his master degree and he was introduced as superior university student in the whole country in 1999.

Presence in the battlefields

After accomplishing his high school, he went to the battlefields of Iran-Iraq war voluntarily and happily. He stayed in the battlefields of Iran-Iraq war until the end of war. During this time he was injured for three times. Once he was injured in Ghalvizan battlefield. In fact his jaw was injured for the first time; for the second time his eardrum was broken due to an explosion wave which took place in Shalamcheh war zone and for the third time he was exposed to chemical weapons in Fav war zone.
He received treatment several years and eventually he was sent to foreign countries to receive treatment in 2000, but according to his own belief since he did not belong to those countries and he was a member of celestial world and he whispered:

Say to the rose-cheeked that they accept usThey should help the lovers who have no heart

He would always repeat the above poem and he would express some of the Koran verses as well. Eventually this respectful man was martyred in 2000 in Germany.

He was going to join the real lovers
I told him where you are going as I was laughing, he responded, I’m going to join my martyred friends.
When the wave joins the great sea, there the sky joins the earth as well.


In the evening of that day, the same as always Mr. Rezayee entered the classroom with a smile and he started teaching us. After an hour of teaching, it was the break time. Usually Mr. Rezayee would teach by this method. After teaching he allowed the student to have a break time for 10 minutes and he asked the students to express any interesting memory and if no one would express something, he himself would express something to make the students laugh. On that day when it was the break time, Mr. Rezayee smiled the same as always and he said: "he has brought something interesting for us. All the students were waiting to see what Mr. Rezayee has brought for them. After a few minutes he brought out two packages from his bag and he gave one of the packages to the male students and the other to the female students and he explained that one of the relative of a sick student has given it to them and that that student is affected to a kind of disease and he must undergo a surgery and since he did not have a good financial situation and it was close to the new year, he asked us to help him. Since all the students liked Mr. Rezayee and they had trusted him, they attempted to give some money for this purpose. Almost 70.000 Toman was collected from the Mathematics class that Mr. Rezayee had on that day. I never forget the memory of that day and this issue indicated that how a human can think of others and try to help others.
Source: The Special Magainze of the First Fav Martyrs Commemoration, 2011, page 15

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