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Publish Date: 19 January 2020 - 23:31
Navideshahed: Martyr Cheraghi was born in 1957 in Bastegh village located Saveh city. He went to school when he was 6 years old. Since he had a good talent, he was always a successful student. In addition to his education, he was interested in religious activities and he would take part in the religious ceremonies so enthusiastically. After accomplishing his elementary and guidance school, he entered high school. He got familiar with some of the religious and political affairs in high school. After accomplishing the elementary and guidance schools, he entered high school. He took part in the protests and movements along with other revolutionary men and people. At the time of revolution climax, he got more serious in taking part in demonstrations and protests. He played a significant role in sharing the announcements of Imam Khomeini among the friends, relatives and people.

During the victory of Islamic Revolution, Cheraghi devoted most of his time to the revolution so cheerfully and happily. He was present in the military and governmental centers for this purpose.

After the victory of Islamic Revolution, Reza attempted so much to defend and protect the Islamic Revolution. He would go everywhere that he was needed and he would some worthy services for revolution. When the conflicts took place in Kurdistan province by the anti-revolutionary militants, he went to Marivan city along with some of his friends and he played significant roles in fighting against the anti-revolutionary militants.

During his presence in Kurdistan, he got much valuable experiences. During the military operation ‘Mohammad Rasul Allah’, he did many sacrifices as he was fighting against the anti-revolutionary militants. He took part in guerilla operations along with other commanders in the battlefields located in Sare Pole Zahab and West Gilan city.

During his presence in Kurdistan province, he was an authority for Dezli corps and he did his services in Marivan as a commander and he did many sacrifices and services in this place.

By establishment of the brigade 27 of Mohammad Rasul Allah by Haj Ahmad Motevaseliyan, Reza also took part in different military operations which would be done by the brigade 27 of Mohammad Rasul Allah.

When he was present in Kurdistan province and war, he had many posts. He was a deputy for Dezli corps for a while and he was an authority for Marivan strip too. From 1981 until the end of 1983, he was the commander of Hamzeh battalion and he took part in the military operation Fathol Mobin and Beitol Moghadas. After captivity of Haj Ahmad Motevaseliyan in 1982 in Lebanon and accepting the commandership of the brigade 27 by martyr Haj Hemmat, martyr Cheraghi took part in the military operations Ramadan, Moselm Ebn Aghil which took place in Soomar and he was the deputy of the Army. He was the deputy of Corps 11 since 1982 and the commander of this army was martyr Hemmat at that time. Since 1982 until 1983 he took part in the military operations Valfajr Moghadamati and Valfajr 1 which took place in Fakeh war zone. During these operations he was the commander of the Army.

During this operation, his foot was injured. After partial recovery, he went back to the battlefields and he took part in the military operation Mosem Ebn Aghil which occurred in the autumn of 1982 in Soomar war zone. During this operation Haj Hemmat was the commander of Zafar Headquarters and martyr Cheraghi was the commander of brigade Mohammad Rasul Allah.

Martyr Reza Cheraghi was martyred after doing sacrifices during several months against the enemies of Islam and revolution. He was martyred during the military operation Valfajr 1 in the public zone of Fakeh.

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