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Publish Date: 17 December 2019 - 23:22

 International Book Festival on Sacrifice and Martyrdom

Main subject are: Oral history and documentary

Fiction Literature (children, juvenile and adults)

The judgment topic: Sacrifice & martyrdom category 2018-2016

The goals:

- - Evaluation of scientific and investigative contents of the books relating to sacrifice & martyrdom field

- Support of high quality works by authors and publishers in the field of sacrifice & martyrdom

- Creating an incentive for beginner authors to create content in the field

- Creating a roadmap and planned document to implement the guidelines of the Supreme Leader in the declaration of the second phase of the Islamic Revolution

Deadline for submission of works:

All authors and publishers shall send two copies of their works up to 20/01/2020 to the festival secretariat at the address: General Office of Documents & Publications, 3rd. fl., no.5, Malekolshoa ra-ye-Bahar shomali St., Ayatollah Taleghani Av., Tehran.

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