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Publish Date: 18 December 2019 - 11:08

Navideshahed: the book ‘Sare Pole Zahab in the war’ has been written by Fariba Anisi and it was released by the publication of Islamic Revolution Documentation Center.

In the introduction of this book has been written:

The story of war is a story full of adventures and events; it is full of ups and downs and has so much similarity with a cinema film. It is full of the scenes which make you proud of your country and sometimes they make you laugh due to the intensity of excitements.

Remember the conquest of Khorramshahr or if your age does not let you to remember that scene, you can ask your father or mother to describe that moment for you!

But in some cases they make you feel so shy, you can not express anything. You might be chocked with tears. You will cry and weep due to the climax of adversity! You can remember the air raids and only the holidays of its schools have been memorized for us…nothing else!

You should come with me to the abdomen of war; the war that was a treasury for us! You should with us to the abdomen of war; Sare Pole Zahab… I don’t know whether you know it or not? Or you can only show it on the map or even you can’t pronounce its name correctly?

It is not important!

The following book takes you to the abdomen of war, Sare Pole Zahab war zone, so that not only you will pronounce it name correctly, not only you can find it easily on the map, but also you will know it properly.

The Islamic Revolution Documentation Center Publication has released this book by the price of 3800 Tomans.

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